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It removes all types of cosmetic colours without affecting the natural pigments of the hair. It is the ideal product to correct the cosmetic colour partially or totally, through a chemical process that reduces the molecules’ links of the oxidized coloring substance. DO NOT USE ON HAIR DYED WITH HENNA OR METALLIC SALTS.

How to use

1.Apply to dry hair.
2.Mix equal parts of gel (phase 1) and cream (phase 2) in a bowl or in the applicator bottle (mix the necessary quantities according to the hair length. Wear disposable gloves. and carefully apply Color Back on the hair to ensure an even absorption. As the product’s performance decreases with time, apply it quickly and evenly.
3.Gently cover with a plastic cap and wait up to 20 minutes. Carry out a strand test repeatedly. A lukewarm blow drier can be used to accelerate development time.
4.Rinse the hair for 3-5 minutes and shampoo.
5.As soon as the desired level of colour removal is achieved, apply the cream peroxide (10 volumes) for 5 minutes (due to the colour molecules residual hold in the hair, the hair might become too dark again. Should this happen, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 on
damp hair, until colour has been sufficiently removed. Repeat steps 4 and 5.
6. Rinse well, apply a conditioner and proceed with the colour application.
NB. For a partial colour correction follow usage instructions, restricting the products application to the desired areas.